Building cooling rooms

Cooling rooms are storage areas where products and items that need to be kept frozen are stored; they allow to keep the food or other items from perishing and maintain their freshness. Cooling rooms are essential for anyone in the restaurant business, catering business, supermarkets, butcher shops, food factories, institutional kitchens for hotels, industrial plants, end clients and more.

“A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” company is one of the pioneers in the cooling industry in Israel. Forty years of experience have positioned the company as the top company in the field of cooling solutions and have given it a professional reputation and an excellent name.

In “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions”, building cooling rooms begins in professional planning

Anyone who builds cooling rooms needs a unique solution, therefore when we approach planning and building of cooling rooms we look into the special needs, the unique features such as the size of the room, the capacity of the cooling room, the transportation means, the required temperature and additional characteristics according to the storing method.

When planning the room the electricity, installation and temperature and humidity monitoring means such as a sensory array all need to be taken into account.

Every cooling room needs to be equipped with a control and monitoring system to control the conditions of cooling and freezing. In “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” we ensure to use advanced and sophisticated systems that guarantee precise control over the temperature of the room and the freezing conditions, systems that combine alarm mechanisms that alert on any change in the climate conditions around the cooling rooms.

Safety measures are important to be taken into account when planning. Detectors and warning lights must be installed in order to notify faults in one of the systems or when a person gets inside the cooling room and gets locked inside. The detector lights will also alert on situations where the cooling room is open or not entirely closed to prevent the degradation of the products stored inside. One of the safety measures we will install is an internal door opening mechanism and lighting.

The lighting of the cooling room needs to be cold lighting, lighting that does not transfer heat and is not sensitive to low temperatures.

Looking for a professional company to build cooling rooms? You have reached your destination!

“A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” has accumulated over forty years of experience building cooling and air conditioning systems. We import cooling systems for any application, we install any kind of system, adapt existing equipment according to customer request, import chillers and provide fixing service twenty four hours a day across the country.

We use engine and cooling bodies of the leading companies in Israel and around the world in order to prevent cold transfer and to maintain the desired temperature, we use the best exclusive sealing materials, which also save electricity.

Building cooling rooms is a sophisticated and complex work that requires a skilled and professional team. The staff in “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” knows all of the needs of cooling and freezing very well, goes through trainings overseas and is in constant contact with the leading manufacturers in the field in Israel and around the world.

Contact us, we guide every client throughout all of the construction process, and provide warranty, support and guidance.