Chillers are one of the most popular cooling methods these days. Unlike air-conditioning which dries the air, chillers cool every structure with cold water that is passed through tubes and pipes to different areas of the room or structure. The water inside the chiller are cooled with cold gas tubes, that has no contact with the water, and it absorbs the heat even in places where the designated surface is large.

Chillers are common in places that have a lot of rooms or large area such as industrial facilities, public areas, hospitals, universities, hotels, nursing homes, large villas, large venues and more. The chillers are also used for cooling tents that are used for various events. They manage to cool the place, but unlike the most, they do not rely on classic cooling systems.

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Chillers – because you too deserve to enjoy advanced cooling solutions

Installing chiller systems is not a simple task. It requires experts in the field of complex cooling systems. . In order to adapt and install the system in the most optimal way, the environmental conditions, the size of the structure, the unique needs and uses of each place need to be taken into account.

Chillers save electricity. Installing chillers will save you a lot of money versus installing any other cooling system. You can enjoy chilled areas guilt free and without worrying about the expanding electricity bill such as in other cooling systems.

Chillers require minimal maintenance. If the system is professionally installed, you will not be required to invest in locating and fixing problems or other maintenance work.

Chillers provide efficient and liable cooling solutions that can be used for many years unlike other common cooling systems.

Chillers are very adapted to public places or places with a lot of rooms since they can pass cool air to long distance unlike air conditioners that lose their efficiency and have many technical issues the larger the distance.

Chillers work differently than air conditioners. Thanks to the way they work, where the air is constantly in contact with the water, they maintain the humidity in the air and do not dry the air.

Chillers save energy, electricity and water. The system passes green gas that is safe for the ozone layer thus they are considered an environmentally friendly solution and they do not harm the environment.

Chillers are installed internally in the structure and do not harm the aestheticism of the space.

א.אביטל פתרונות קירור ומיזוג אוויר

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