Cooling Rooms

Restaurants, laboratories, catering companies, hospitals, health laboratories, event venues, hotels, supermarkets and more are required to meet high standards of the quality and freshness of the product and need cooling rooms that provide a solution for professional frozen or chilled storage.

A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” company has been dealing with building cooling rooms for over forty years, and is considered the top company in the field. We offer innovative cooling systems that conserve energy, with full adaptation to the client , environment and any special needs.א.אביטל פתרונות קירור ומיזוג אוויר

Kind service, professionalism and innovation – “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions”!

. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” company is leading in the field of building cooling rooms with over forty years of experience. We have accumulated rich knowledge of the field, we have a great reputation and we have countless of happy customers.

Planning and building cooling rooms require inspection and accurate planning of the cooling room we are supposed to build. In the planning stage, we will define the unique needs, the size of the room, the nature of the products which will be stored in it, the amount of products, the required temperature and level of humidity.

We can build any cooling room for any type of business and any kind of product. We can successfully build small cooling rooms next to large cooling rooms, cooling rooms with high or low temperature according to the needs.

Building cooling rooms is one of the most complex types of building which requires knowledge in many fields; in electricity, air conditioning and sometimes even food technology. Our staff takes many trainings on the field, knows all of the issues and takes into account every little detail which will affect the quality of the product stored in the room.

Building cooling rooms requires great professionalism and an authorization by the Israeli Standard Institute and the ministry of health. We are aware of all of the safety and food temperature regulations and we meet all of the necessary standards.

We invest thought into the shelving of the cooling rooms, we check the desired shelf size, the space between them and we plan the best and most accurate way to place the frozen products.

We stand behind our product and we provide full warranty. Since we build the cooling rooms in high standards and without compromise, the number of faults in them is low. However in any case of unexpected problem we will arrive quickly to any place in Israel, we will provide professional and kind service, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.

א.אביטל פתרונות קירור ומיזוג אוויר

We use the best raw materials that allow total sealing, the most economic and innovative engines and we are in constant contact with the leading companies around the world which we represent.

Do not compromise over unprofessional building of cooling rooms. Only professional building will allow you to operate the cooling rooms without faults and prevent financial loss.

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