Industrial cooling rooms

Industrial cooling rooms are an inseparable part of various industries. They are common amongst the food industry which requires storage of many types of food such as meat, seasonal cooling of fruits and vegetables, delis, salad factories; the agricultural sector that needs to preserve agricultural produce, florists, hotels, food marketers for research purposes, petrochemical companies, research and development companies, the medical industry that needs to store drugs and more.

Industrial cooling rooms require an accurate and meticulous planning as well as sophisticated monitoring systems to successfully combat the challenge of preserving the product and its freshness. It is important to know that the validity of the industrial cooling rooms effects the ongoing activity of the business and their profitability. א.אביטל פתרונות קירור ומיזוג אוויר

Building industrial cooling rooms is our specialty!

“A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” company offers you professional counseling and the right planning in order to plan well the cooling rooms with the idea of correctly utilizing and organizing the goods, while considering the nature of the frozen product, the amount that requires freezing or cooling, the environmental conditions, the size of the room and with a precise adaptation to the client needs.

In over four decades of building cooling rooms we have accumulated vast experience in the field, an experience we put at service for our clients. We have experience in building all kinds and sizes of cooling rooms and in different levels of temperature. We will know how to build cooling rooms that serve you in the best way and meet the different requirements of each product and place of business. Cooling rooms for catering, for example, will not be the same as cooling rooms in medical centers or hospitals. Our professional staff will you with provide the best solutions for every aspect of product which requires cooling or freezing.

Building industrial cooling rooms requires to be knowledgeable in electricity, air conditioning and cooling and food technology. Our staff undergoes many trainings in Israel and overseas and is in daily contact with the various manufacturers we represent.

We ensure the use of raw materials of the highest quality. Correct selection of the raw materials and fully and thoroughly sealing the panels will optimize quality maintenance of the products and significantly reduce the electricity consumption.

We build cooling rooms with strict control and monitoring systems. It is crucial to maintain the cooling power and the right humidity level inside the cooling room and to ensure that the room cools well, that the temperature and humidity can be controlled and the level of sealing is high and valid.

We provide warranty for each product. In case of problems, our team of technicians specializes in locating and providing solutions for every issue; we are available and we can get anywhere in Israel  seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.

We assist and support every client in every step of building cooling rooms starting from the planning, the construction and ongoing maintenance; we ensure to follow safety regulations and we meet the terms of the ministry of health and the Standard Institution of Israel.

Looking for experts in building industrial cooling rooms? You found them! Contact us, we will be happy to share our vast knowledge and experience with you!