Cooling systems

Cooling systems are essential for any place of business that keeps products that need to be stored chilled. Only cooling systems that are adapted exactly to the needs of the business, the designated space where they will be installed and the products that will be stored inside them can guarantee the quality of the products on the long term.

The need for cooling and storage of products in low temperature is needed by many factors in order to maintain the quality and freshness of the product. Many bodies such as food companies, florists, medical laboratories, hospitals, farmers, companies that manufacture and market drugs and more choose “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” company in order to maintain the shelf life of the product and to guarantee that the consumer gets a quality product that meets strict standards.א.אביטל פתרונות קירור ומיזוג אוויר

Cooling is an essential factor in transportation of food products and additional materials that are sensitive to temperature changes in any method of transportation, in trucks, train, airplanes and ships.

The staff in “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” can offer any business, institution or organization the optimal solution for cooling systems, a solution that meets their needs, budget, the environmental conditions and guarantees perfect operation of the business.

5 reasons to convince you to choose “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions”

  • When you need to choose a cooling system for your business it is important to choose a quality professional to follow all the required details for building cooling systems and using the most durable, high quality materials. Each mistake in choosing or installing of one of the factor, even if it allegedly seems minor and small, can cause serious damage and loss of valuable goods.
  • We, in “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions” guarantee to provide the best product for every customer. Our professional team is attentive to the needs of the client, knows how to handle every issue, provides the best solution and professional guidance along the way, including installation and maintenance of the cooling systems so they will operate the best way possible.
  • We have accumulated great knowledge and experience of over forty years in the area of cooling systems. Thanks to our great knowledge we can recommend the most accurate and best system for any kind of business or organization. We hire a skilled and professional team of technicians across the country twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All of our technicians go through periodical trainings overseas and are in daily contact with all of the manufacturers the company represents.
  • Correct building of cooling systems starts with the right planning. Every type of product requires different temperature storage alongside other demands such as sealing and insulation. When planning, our professional team will define the uses for the cooling system, inspect the type of products which will be stored in it, the conditions that are required for every product, the time period required for storage and more.
  • We will build the cooling systems of insulating materials ,sealed plates to prevent heat and cold travel, while using good and enforced sealing materials and installing advanced control and monitoring systems to allow each business to adapt the cooling system for its needs and maintain the desired temperature all the time.

In “A. Avital cooling and air conditioning solutions”, we will be happy to offer you the best cooling systems in Israel, systems that are adapted to your needs in attractive prices.